"living art 2", 1994
Sofabilder/Sofa paintings
Ausstellungsprojekt Pacific Grove Art Center, Monterey/Kalifornien
living art 2
an art project by Karen Linnenkohl and N.C.
Exhibition in the Pacific Grove Art Center, November, 1994

10 paintings a sofa and above the sofa an empty gold frame.
The visitors may choose which picture they would like to put into the frame.

on your right the winning picture above the sofa:

aus dem Ausstellungstext:

living art 1

How often do you go to an art gallery and you like the pictures hanging on the wall,
but you would never put them in your living room because the style,
the colours or the size doesn´t match your environment or your feelings?
After many years of working with art, we found out that many people felt this way.
So we decided to start painting the right picture for the right environment
as well as for the right person. We wish to give you the possibility
to express the image that you have in mind; or in other words,
set free the artist in you that is hidden in everyone.


We have been already done this project in Europe, and it was successful.
We would like to have a similar success in the United States.
With the results of our work we hope to make a new book and European exhibition
that tells about our American "art" experiences.
Please help us. Let us create a custom image that will fit your lifestyle.

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